About Us

The European LGBT Police Association (formerly the European Gay Police Association) or EGPA for short, was founded in 2004 and is essentially an umbrella organisation bringing together police LGB and T organisations from across Europe providing a platform to share knowledge, best practice and working together in order to tackle discrimination facing LGBT people both within policing and externally.
The EGPA is an independent association comprising a General Board and an elected Executive Committee. In addition to providing co-operation between members, EGPA organise biennial conferences and provides training resources for police forces across Europe. 
The Aims of the European LGBT Police Association are:
  • Supporting police employees who are LGBT+ or signposting them to organisations that can provide the correct support.
  • Building confidence within with LGBT+ community to report crime
  • Supporting the development of National LGBT+ staff support associations
  • Representing National LGBT+ Police support networks on issues collectively faced
  • Supporting police forces and national police establishments in the development of operational policing knowledge and services that will enhance services to the LGBT+ community
  • Supporting police forces and national police establishments in being representative and inclusive of the LGBT+ community

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