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Trans Inclusion Project 2019-2021

In 2017 the EGPA expanded its remit to include gender identity, formally recognising our many Tran colleagues who work in police forces across Europe. Bee Bailey, a police officer from the UK, was appointed our first Ambassador for Trans Inclusion and is currently working on a three year project to reach out to Trans Police Officers and create a safe space and conversational forum.


Bee has also delivered training to police forces across Europe, to help improve the awareness of staff and to explain in detail why organisations need to review current policies. 

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Bee Bailey

EGPA Ambassador


Trans Inclusion

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Western Balkan Project 2019-2021

In 2017 Peter Rigby, supported Stonewall, the UK’s leading LGBT Charity to successfully delivered it's 'Access to Justice Program' in the Western Balkans. As the title suggests, the intention was to raise the awareness of LGBT rights in Europe and share with government representatives and civil groups best practice. More specifically, the project looked at the advancement of police engagement with the LGBT community and the acceptance and integration of LGBT police officers into mainstream policing.
As Ambassador for Western Balkan Development,
Peter is working with a number of LGBT police officers from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia who are looking to set up independent support association.


Peter will continue to deliver training to police forces and government in the region on subjects such as Community Engagement, Hate Crime and LGBT Policing.

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Peter Rigby

EGPA Ambassador


Western Balkans Development

Access to Justice Report

New Training Package


In 2016, members of the EGPA worked with the Council of Europe to develop a standardised European training package for police officers.

"Policing Hate Crimes against LGBTI persons - Training for a Professional Police Response" was launched in 2017 and is now available to download.

Policing Hate Crimes Toolkit


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