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Who We Are & What We Do

What we stand for, the organisations who make up our membership and the individuals behind the scenes who make our mission into a reality. 


The EGPA is the umbrella organisation of European LGBT police associations. It’s a platform to share knowledge between the member organisations and others. It acts as a European representative for LGBT issues and encourages the forming of LGBT police associations in all European countries.

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Purpose (constitution)

The purpose of the association is the enlightenment and information of the topic ‘LGBT’ inside and outside of police organisations by informing the public and police forces about sexual orientation and gender identity and reduce widespread bias against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.   
This purpose of the association will specifically be realised by:

  • Participation and contribution of public events,

  • Statements in sexual scientifically, pedagogical, theological, medicinal, social, legal and political questions, concerning LGBT persons

  • Collaboration with European and international associations and other organisations with similar purpose.

  • Contribution in the combat against hate crime

  • Campaigns for compliance of the European Human Rights Charter and the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union

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France - FLAG!

Netherlands - Roze in Blauw

Germany - VelsPol

Switzerland - PinkCop

Belgium - Rainbow Cops

Our Members (General Board)

Ireland - G-Force

Scotland - Scottish LGBTI Police Association

Spain - Gaylespol

Italy - Polis Aperta

Greece - Police Action For Human Rights

Finland - Rainbow Police Of Finland

England, Wales & Northern Ireland - National LGBT Police Network

Austria - GayCops Austria




Bulgaria - MBP



Alain Parmentier


Country: France


Isabel Tapia

Vice President

Country: Spain 


Thomas Ulmer


Country: Germany

Meet the Executive Committee


Massimo Iovine


Country: Belgium


Serafeim Agrafiotis



Country: Greece

Katarina EC.jpeg

Katarina Živulović 

Country: Serbia

Our Ambassadors

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