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Geek Police Officer defying the walls of prejudice

In this deeply personal and emotional talk, Michael Lolis describes his struggle to come to terms with his sexual identity. From a young age he tried to conform to society's stereotypes on what is masculine behaviour and, upon joining the police force, he led a double life full of guilt and distress. However,

when he fell in love, he decided to come out and today he is not only the first Greek police officer to openly declare he is gay but also a member of the European LGBT Police Association and an advocate of human rights. Michael Lolis was born in 1986 in a small village near Ioannina, Greece. Having graduated from the Hellenic Police Academy, he is serving at the Department Against Racist Violence in Athens and he is also a member of the European LGBT Police Association. To further complement his work on human rights, he is studying towards a degree in Public and European Law.Michael Lolis is a member of the European LGBT Police Association, who broke some walls speaking openly in his place of work, a highly conservative environment, about homosexuality and the need there is for society to accept LGBT individuals.

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