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EGPA President addresses Council of Europe

Alain Parmentier

Yesterday (26.09.2019) the president of EGPA Alain Parmentier explained the working and networks of the European LGBT Police Association at the French representation of the Council of Europe in Paris entitled “Combating discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in Council of Europe member states.”

Speaking about the conference, Monsieur Parmentier said,

“I presented the Egpa, present in 16 countries at the Council of Europe Conference and discussed our participation in LGBT conferences in Europe, police services events and training in some police academies in Europe.”

I spoke about the necessity for the LGBTI community to understand that times have changed, including minds and laws. Police forces need help from the LGBTI community to fight hate crimes. The LGBTI community has to know that they will be in a safe place when visiting a police station and have the confidence to report hate crimes.

The EU has to know that the training of police officers has to be organised in different langages to be sure that every police officer who needs training may have one.”

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