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German Police Academy hosts LGBTI Conference

September 2019 saw The European LGBT Police Association members at Luchow Polizei Akadmiein Lower Saxony.

This attendance was by invite of the Federal Congress/German Polizei and their National LGBT head.

EGPA’s Bee Bailey provided a latest collation on best trans and non-binary practices, policy and searching guidance to participants, exploring what essentially make a successful transition in the workplace, incorporating all of this with some personal experiences.

The guidance and engagements ranged from presentations through to one on one studies to Chief Officers/Commissioners, Ministry and LGBT leads from across all of Germany. The EGPA’s time and effort was embraced and warmly welcomed by all participants.

This was described by the organisers as an ‘historic event’ being the 1st German LGBT Conference ever for the Police Academy with such a huge range of individuals.The Organiser was by day three very proud to report the event had caused a great positive response after both social media and press releases had be conducted across Germany.

Bee Bailey said “As the Trans Ambassador for the EGPA it is of course part of my International role during attendances to progress trans and non-binary understanding, standards, guidance and influence progression in law, by engaging International Governments/Police and Colleagues.”

The EGPA Trans Ambassador wishes is to bring together trans and non-binary Officers to empower those individuals and re-affirm they are not alone, see here as is the wish at all countries EGPA attend bringing together Out and Proud trans colleagues united.

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