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Polis Aperta (Italy) hosts two days of meetings for new strategies and remembrance of Angelo Casamas

The second annual meeting of Poli Aperta members took place last weekend in Turin, Italy.

The new website of the Association ( was launched at the CasArcobaleno headquarters in Turin. Guest of honor was the president of the EGPA, European LGBT Police Association, Alain Parmentier who was present both at the assembly on Saturday 5 and at the tribute that members, relatives and friends wanted to give to the Local Police Officer of Nichelino our dear friend and member Angelo Casamassa.

During the assembly the EGPA President brought greetings from all the European Polis Aperta partner associations and reiterated the importance and value for people seeking support.

Mission always in the DNA of Polis Aperta that for years has launched online information campaigns, through social networks and creating opportunities for contact with society. In this regard, the Board of Directors presented a new project aimed at combating discrimination achieved thanks to the qualified support of the criminal lawyer Matteo Mammini. The action plan to make the battle against prejudice ever more incisive was the protagonist of the debate among the members. A clear sign that the ideal at the base of the association, to constitute a bridge between the LGBTI community and the heart of the state, that is police forces and armed forces, is increasingly an indispensable requirement for the progress of society.

Those who wear the uniform have chosen to put themselves at the service of all citizens, including minorities. Polis Aperta works and exists so that the protective role of the police forces never fails. Today and tomorrow, like yesterday, the action of Polis Aperta does not stop, thanks to information campaigns, public debates and training activities directed at the agents who confront the whole society every day on the road, the goal is to break down the wall of injury. In fact, it is clear that only by showing ourselves as we are, by putting ourselves at the service of the whole society, we can become the change that we would like to see realized in our country.

(Press Release from Polis Aperta)

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