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EGPA meets with LGBTI NGO’s in Serbia

Our President, Alain Parmentier and our Serbian delegate Katarina Zivulovic met up with a number of LGBTI NGO’s in a recent visit to Belgrade.

Alain and Katarina are pictured here with members of Civil Rights Defenders, an international human rights organisation, at their offices in Belgrade. EGPA gave a presentation of their works with police in Serbia.

Pictured with the Chairpersons of DA SE ZNA! an association of citizens founded in 2016, with the main focus on mapping and documenting the illegal treatment of LGBT + people in the Republic of Serbia. Again EGPA presented their works including training in police academies, and how to bring about closer ties between LGBTI citizens and police.

And finally, with representatives of LABRIS, an organisation advocating for lesbian rights in Serbia.

During the visit, Alain and Katarina also met with the senior management team of the Serbian National Police at their headquarters in the Palace of Serbia where matters including training of police officers in LGBT issues, working positively with the LGBT community and investigating LGBT-phobic hate crimes and the possibility of establishing an LGBT Police Association in Serbia.



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