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EGPA Online Store Launched

The European LGBT Police Association has launched an online store:

You can now order EGPA merchandise online via our website. The product range is currently limited to our popular EGPA logo cotton patches. This is in order to allow for a period of trialing the process before expanding the product range.

In charge of our website and new Online Store, Executive Committee member Alan Sneddon stated:

”I’m delighted that we have added a new service to our website and one which has been requested for quite some time.

Clearly our ‘brand’ is incredibly popular and we have one of the most impressive and distinctive logos of any organisation for over 15 years.

Initially, we will trial the service with our popular logo patches which I am sure will be very popular. Another reason is that we are all volunteers on the Executive Committee and as such have to realistically approach this venture whilst providing a quality service. So we will take things at a steady pace going forward. However, that said, we are exploring new product ranges and much of that will depend on the success of our initial line of products.

So please help support us by purchasing our current range of logo patches which will help fund future products and determine the viability of continuing an online store.“

Visit our Store here



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