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New Executive Committee elected at AGM

A new EGPA Executive Committee was elected by the General Board of the European LGBT Police Association at the Annual General Meeting held in Athens, Greece on the 15th June 2022.

(From Left to Right: Serafeim Agrafiotis, Alan Sneddon, Alain Parmentier, Isabel Tapia, Massimo Iovine, Thomas Ulmer)

The new positions are :

President: Alain Parmentier - France (re-elected)

Vice President: Isabel Tapia - Spain (re-elected)

Secretary: Massimo Iovine - Belgium (newly elected)

Treasurer: Thomas Ulmer - Germany (re-elected)

Communications: Alan Sneddon - Scotland (re-elected)

EC member: Serafeim Agrafiotis - Greece (newly elected)

EC member: Katarina Živulović - Serbia (newly elected)

Congratulations to our new members and to those re-elected. The Executive Committee plays an important role in the day-to-day operations and administration of the EGPA and in representing the EGPA at important events and working in partnership with many European institutions and NGO’s.

Our thanks goes to our outgoing EC members, Petrik Thoman, Frazer Robertson and Linnea West. We thank you for your service to the EGPA.

We are also delighted to announce that we have a new member of the EGPA, representing Bulgaria, Petromir Genchev.

Petromir will join our General Board and received a warm welcome from our EGPA ‘family’ in Athens. We look forward to working with Petromir and the Bulgarian police in the progression of LGBT rights, awareness training and positive community engagement.



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